Axis Informática Ltda.

Axis is a software-house founded in 1985 with a large experience in developing high volume transaction processing data base applications to vertical markets.

  1. Software and Consulting Services
  2. Axis has provided comprehensive system solutions to companies in the oil, textile, paper, health care and shipping sectors. Our Axistel software product is specially designed to successfully automate medium and large hotels. Our WAxis Web Application Server software offers responsive high-volume Internet/intranet solutions for our customers!

  3. InterSystems Reseller
  4. The proven software technology that make us highly productive is Caché, a object oriented database and application development system made by InterSystems Corp., from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Caché is available for Linux, MAC OS and Windows platforms. Axis also resells and supports Caché in Brasil.

If you want to know the status of your support requests, check our WSax Support Database. If you want to enter a new request for support, go to our SAX Request for Support form

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